HVAC Quick Load Mobile App for iOS

The HVAC Quick Load app for the iPhone and iPad performs rule-of-thumb HVAC cooling and heating load calculations for many types of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential buildings. It is a universal app that works on both the iPhone and iPad and adjusts its screen size accordingly.

Summary of Features

The HVAC Quick Load app allows you to quickly calculate the total required cooling and heating loads (in BTU/hr or Tonnage) and air flows (CFM or L/s) by inputting just the building type, total square area and number of people. This application uses slider controls that allow you to quickly increment or decrement the input parameter values and immediately observe the calculated results.

The HVAC Equipment Locator app is now included as an additional feature inside the Quick Load app. It allows you to keep track of all of your HVAC equipment and then sync the information to the cloud so you can share with other authorized users.

The following is a sample of some of the types of buildings that can be modeled:

  1. Cocktail Lounges, Bars, Taverns, Clubhouses
  2. Computer Rooms
  3. Dining Halls, Lunch Rooms, Cafeterias, Luncheonettes
  4. Hospital Patient Rooms, Nursing Home Patient Rooms
  5. Jails
  6. Kitchens
  7. Libraries, Museums
  8. Malls, Shopping Centers
  9. Medical/Dental Centers, Clinics, and Offices
  10. Nightclubs
  11. Commercial Offices
  12. ..... and many more
This app is great for use out in the field to quickly analyze the cooling and heating properties of a building. However, please note, that it is by no means a substitute for rigorous heating and cooling load calculations. HVAC equipment and materials should not be selected based upon the results from this application. For more information on our comprehensive (and ACCA-approved) HVAC load calculation app, click here.
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