HVAC Duct Sizer Plus Mobile App for Android

The HVAC Duct Sizer Plus for Android is a recent upgrade that replaced our older HVAC Duct Sizer Android app that has been on the Google Play store since 2011. The Duct Sizer Plus app is a duct size calculator that allows you to quickly size one HVAC duct run or a range of duct sizes. Think of this app as a digital version of the classic Trane Ductulator® (Ductulator® is a registered trademark of Trane International, Inc.).

Summary of Features

  1. You can specify the total airflow in CFM (or L/s), the aspect ratio, and either the total velocity of air or the friction loss per 100 feet (30 meters). The results include both the exact and rounded height and width (or diameter) dimensions and the calculated velocity and friction loss
  2. You can specify additional parameters such as the duct shape (rectangular, round, or oval), the air temperature and the air pressure. You can also choose to display values in either english or metric units
  3. This application uses slider controls that allow you to quickly increment or decrement the input values and immediately observe the calculated results
  4. If you are analyzing an existing duct system, there is an option to input the existing duct dimensions and air velocity to derive the calculated airflow and duct friction loss
  5. The Duct Sizer app includes functionality that allows you to send an HTML email and .CSV (spreadsheet) attachment that includes all of the inputs and results
  6. This application is available to display both English and Metric units
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