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Seibu Giken America, Inc. (SGAmerica), provides desiccant dehumidifiers, heat wheels, VOC concentrators, and dry room systems for critical applications like data centers and food processing facilities. SGAmerica products are distributed through a national network of manufacturers' representatives.
Carmel Software was hired by SGAmerica to develop a web-based equipment selection software tool that allow reps and engineers to quickly select and price equipment based upon required conditions. Features include ability to:
  1. Create a quick rating of a product given inlet conditions (airflow, temperature, humidity) and a SG America equipment model number. It displays product performances (decrease in temperature and moisture removal, outlet conditions, energy removed (total and latent).
  2. Select options to be in the final quotation including controls, humidistats, pre-cooling coils, and much more
  3. Display reports including PDFs of submittal, quotation, performance summary, and more
  4. Display a psychrometric chart with the plotted processes
  5. Manage equipment performance, documentation and options by editing and adding new equipment.
Click here to go to the SG America selection software tool.
Below are some screenshots of the software that was released in 2017:


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