HVAC Load Plus Mobile App for iOS

The HVAC Load Plus app for the iPhone was the first HVAC Manual J8 (abridged) load calculation mobile app for Apple iOS. See why Carrier, Trane, Mitsubishi Electric, JCI, and tens of thousands of engineers, technicians and architects have licensed our mobile software for their HVAC engineering needs. (Please note that this app is not ACCA-approved. It is based upon the abridged Manual J8 load calculations. For our ACCA-approved iPad app, click here.)

The HVAC Load Plus app is an HVAC load calculation software tool that allows you to perform heating and cooling loads for small commercial and residential buildings out in the field, by taking advantage of the simplicity and power of the iPhone:

  1. Create HVAC load calculations while at the work site
  2. Explain project details to your clients using advanced on-screen reports
  3. Email the results back to the office
Even better, save your projects for reference and further analysis. You can even use it as a template for new projects similar in scope - saving your company costly mistakes and virtually eliminating the time it takes to win new business and calculate loads for new projects.

Outsmart your competitors and win new clients while making your company more efficient and profitable - download the HVAC Load Plus app for your iPhone from the Apple App Store now.

Designed to Make You More Productive

HVAC Load Plus offers instant total heating and cooling load results as you update fields. Envelope inputs include envelope type, modified envelope construction number, dimensions, and opening areas. Window inputs include window type, internal and external shading type, overhang dimensions, window area, and more. Skylight inputs include skylight type, dimensions, orientation, and more.

Once you're ready, in a few taps you'll have comprehensive reports that can be broken down by envelope load, window load, skylight load, infiltration load, ventilation load and internal load contributions. On-screen reports offer checksum reports (ie – BTUh/SqFt, SqFt/Ton, etc.), complete heating and cooling load breakdown reports, and even graphic eye-pleasing pie charts showing cooling and heating load breakdowns.

Once you start using HVAC Load Plus, we think you'll agree it's worth hundreds of dollars. With your iPhone and HVAC Load Plus, your business can dramatically reduce the time it takes to perform load calculations, minimize costly mistakes - and help your business run more efficiently!
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  • HVAC Load Plus App
  • HVAC Load Plus App
  • HVAC Load Plus App
  • HVAC Load Plus App
  • HVAC Load Plus App
  • HVAC Load Plus App
  • HVAC Load Plus App
  • HVAC Load Plus App
  • HVAC Load Plus App
  • HVAC Load Plus App
  • HVAC Load Plus App

Other Features Include…

  • Now optimized for iOS 13 and iPhone 11 / iPad Pro
  • While on-site, quickly size heating and cooling equipment for residential & small commercial buildings
  • Perform simple block loads
  • Includes local weather for more than 1,000 cities
  • Includes construction data for 10's of wall, floor, roof, ceiling, window and skylight types
  • Add as many walls, floors, roofs, windows, and skylights as you need
  • Change units between English (IP) or Metric (SI)
  • Educate and impress clients with on-screen results
  • Save your results as projects for reference and further analysis
  • Manage unlimited projects and keep all your project details in one place
  • Save time by using existing projects as templates to start new ones
  • Includes the HVAC Quick Load app so you can perform quick rule-of-thumb load calcs
  • Includes the latest HVAC Equipment Locator so you can keep track of all of your equipment info

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