Steam Tables Mobile App for iOS

The Steam Tables app is the #1 selling iOS app for quickly calculating saturated and superheated steam properties. This app is a universal app that works on both the iPhone and iPad and adjusts its screen size accordingly.

Summary of Features

The Steam Tables app allows you to calculate for 23+ different combinations of input parameters including:

For saturated steam:

  1. Temperature and quality
  2. Temperature and enthalpy
  3. Temperature and specific volume
  4. Temperature and entropy
  5. Pressure and quality
  6. Pressure and enthalpy
  7. Pressure and spec. volume
  8. Pressure and entropy
For superheated steam:

  1. Temperature and pressure
  2. Temperature and enthalpy
  3. Temperature and spec. volume
  4. Temperature and entropy
  5. Pressure and enthalpy
  6. Pressure and spec. volume
  7. Pressure and entropy
This app is not just a steam-table lookup app. It is powered by the actual steam-table formulas, so you can calculate for all ranges of input values. It allows you to view results by selecting a variety of input parameters and easily altering these inputs using the slider control. This is perfect for students who often rely upon the more static printed steam tables in engineering text. You can specify additional parameters such as the types of units to display, the maximum allowable input values, and more.

You can email an HTML report and spreadsheet attachment that includes all of the steam property inputs and results.

Click the image below to view more app screenshots.

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